Bioculum Sanitreat Mix (BS Mix) 10 Kg : Odour-free-composting Agent For Biodegradable Solid Waste

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Bioculum Sanitreat Mix (BS Mix) is a natural mix of Bioculum and Sanitreat for odour-free-composting of biodegradable solid waste. Waste is converted to odour-free compost in a few weeks. Bioculum is an inoculum of aerobic bacteria that activates the process of composting. Sanitreat consists of minerals and enzymes that masks foul odour. A combination of Bioculum and Sanitreat initiates composting process and eliminates foul odoul simultaneously. 

Note : You will not receive the item in BS Mix form. This is to improve shelf life of the product. You will only get 5 Kg Bioculum and 5 Kg Sanitreat packs. For preparing Bioculum Sanitreat Mix (BS Mix) , blend both of them in equal ratios (Quantity : As per requirement). 

Preparation and Usage manual : A detailed instruction manual is available with the product.

Principle of BS Mix : Foul odour is caused by anaerobes. Aerobes in BS Mix feed on waste and multiply quickly. Thus they dominate the microbial population that was previously dominated by anaerobes. This reduces odour. Simultaneously, the enzymes present in BS Mix prevents formation of odour causing gases and other substances. This process leads to masking of foul odour. When both processes occur simultaneously foul odour is completely eliminated. Also composting process gets speeded up (22-30 days). The resultant of all these processes is an odour and maggot free compost that is rich in nutrients. This compost can be used directly for organic cultivation.

Delivery : 5 -7 Days

Storage : Store in a cool and dry place

Weight : 10 Kg


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