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Quantum Resonance System (QRS) Therapy

qrs mat

Non-invasive high tech method that helps cure all diseases

Nature’s Own Healing Method

Quantum Resonance System Therapy is an advanced and high tech method used by modern medical practitioners to treat all diseases. Dr. Fischer, Germany, invented this technology to save his own life following a Stroke. Now it is used worldwide for effectively treating many diseases. QRS Devices are electromagnetic field devices. It uses electromagnetic waves of adequate frequencies for pain management and healing. It is a patented technology that mimics the way of Nature’s healing. It is non-invasive and has no side effects.

Key-lock Principle

When hormones cause muscle growth, there is no effort behind it, but a simple and ingenious principle of nature : “hormones function exclusively as signaling substances, which transport messages”.But the cell will accept the message only if the “feelers” of the hormone fit perfectly into the docking station of a cell, the cell “receptors”. This mechanism is called the “key-lock principle”.In the meantime science has found out: a cell not only transforms the “secret codes” of the hormones into a biologic language but also turns on special “electromagnetic receptors”, which react by means of quantum resonance fields. Quantum fields have the particular characteristic that they gently pass through the body without resistance, in contrast to light, sound and electric frequencies, which are already absorbed in the upper skin layers.QRS® has imitated this principle of nature in an ingenious way. QRS®latches into the receptor as a frequency message, a code. Then in the body’s own biologic language the messages: “cell work, cell produce energy, cell clean up – are received by the cell this effectively!” What would scientists give to get this active principle also in the form of a drug?

Patented Technology

QRS-Double-Saw-Tooth--Waveform.jpgThe patented, double saw-tooth waveform produces all of the integer harmonics (odd and even) of the primary frequency. While the common static field magnetics can be beneficial, the pulsating or moving magnetic field of the QRS results in much deeper penetration of the beneficial energies. As a result of the increased relaxation, blood circulation may be improved and the by-products of inflammation and toxins more easily removed from the tissues.The QRS double saw-tooth waveform with its odd and even frequency harmonics is able to cause a transport of ions and release bound calcium from cell membranes. This free calcium can then be utilized by the body for appropriate functions such as building bone tissue. QRS waveform resonates with cellular structures and minerals, such as calcium, sodium and potassium in order to help normalize the electrical charge of cell membranes. Therefore, the body is energized from the cellular level on up and the individual has greater vitality.

Patent 1 : EP 0594 655 B 1 : Device for Transport of ions,protons in particular (PCT-WO 93/00960)

Patent 2 : EP 0621 795 B 1 : Mechanism for influencing of electrical and magnetic fields lower frequency (PCT-WO 94/11062)

Patent 3 : EP 0729 318 B 1 : Device for determining the effects of pulsed magnetic fields to an organism (PCT-WO 95/10228)

Frequency Range

The magnetic field cycles emitted from QRS devices are between 0.1 Hz and 1000 Hz.The lower frequencies (< 22 Hz) are within the range of normal brainwave frequencies and body rhythms.The higher frequencies (250 HZ - 1000Hz) are primarily responsible for initiating the biochemical processes within the body for increasing cell membrane permeability and re-establishing normal electrical potentials.200Hz - improve circulation and cellular metabolism.23Hz - neutralizes the effects of 60 Hz. electromagnetic frequency fields...electromagnetic pollution.3Hz - corresponds to the Delta brainwave to deeply relax body and mind; improves sleep and reduces stress.The QRS magnetic field was designed to operate in harmony with the body's own subtle energy fields. The maximum field strength of the QRS is 40 micro-tesla, or 0.4 Gauss. In comparison, the average magnetic field strength of the Earth is 0.5 Gauss. Many popular magnetic bands, wraps and braces are much stronger than the QRS, but lack the dynamic pulsed resonance effect.

e-Function QRS Signal

Our competitive advantage is no secret! The famous e-Function QRS Signal produces Superior Results - Faster & More Safely - than our Competition! Over 20 years of clinical Research from the top Universities in Europe and the United States resulting in Three International Patents prove the QRS has No Serious Challenger!

Diseases For Which QRS Therapy is Effective
  • Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Circulation Problems
  • Rheumatic Diseases
  • Tension Headaches
  • Broken Bones
  • Stroke
  • Bedsores
  • Migraines
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Muscle Stiffness
  • Muscular Disorders
  • Chronic Back Pain
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Wound Healing
  • Chronic Pain
  • Osteoporosis
  • Joint Pain
  • Implants
  • Ulcers
  • Ulcers
  • Ulcers
  • Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Diabetes
  • Neuropathy
  • Enlarged Prostrate
Dark Field Microscopy Of The Blood


Cells that were clumping before treatment, started moving freely after QRS treatment

Cell Voltage : The Status Indicator Of The Cellular Health



The Quantum Resonance System activates cells for a better absorption of vital substances including oxygen. The daily application of QRS® vitalizes the organism in a certain way, which can be reached for example by taking a daily walk for more than three hours.QRS® increases cell metabolism and therefore improves the cell membrane potential. This improves the cell’s ability to function. The improved electric cell voltage provides a higher “osmotic” pull for the absorption of minerals and nutrients into the cell. At the same time the circulation of blood in tissues is increased providing thirsty cells with more oxygen.A higher blood- and oxygen-penetration provides further positive effects: reduction of fermentation processes and acid excesses, relaxation of tense hardened muscles, boosting metabolism and strengthening the immune system.Additionally QRS® works in a purifying way. QRS® promotes the removal of toxic agents out of the cell.

Free Radicals Cause Us To Age

Prevention is often referred to as the medicine of the future. The joining of Quantum therapy and a healthy diet can control ageing.Although all human beings are equipped with an endogenous anti-free radical protection system, even with the healthiest lifestyle including conscious nutrition, we cannot neutralize all damaging free radicals in our body.Although free radicals damage cells and cause early ageing, the combined use of special “micro-nutrients” and QRS®– effective transport of vital substances into the cell – can stop the process.The special nutrients could contain ingredients such antioxidant vitamins (e.g. vitamin A, C, E), zinc, and phytochemicals (such as lutein, zeaxanthin, polyphenols, alpha-and beta-carotene).With QRS®, these nutrients could be better brought into the cells thereby improving cellular metabolism.


The Cellular environment is the focus of the Quantum Medicine

QRSIllCellandHealthyCellThe (Left Fig : Ill cell - The cell membrane has shrunk, the cell inside can’t be provided with enough nutrients and oxygen (ions) anymore. The cell perishes, the physical decomposition begins.Right Fig: Healthy cell - That's how a healthy cell looks like: smooth cell wall and an intact cell nucleus. The cell is optimally fed therefore the body stays vital and healthy.)

Cell preservation and cell regeneration are the primary aims of Quantum Medicine and the Quantum Resonance System. With QRS® the user has not only a vitalization wellness system, but also a healthcare system which can be applied in the case of diseases and physical maladies. The QRS® Home System can be operated comfortably at home.QRS® actively supports the promotion of health and wellness.

Metabolism Of The Cell: Ion Transport
The QRS® Patent

The cells are the basic modules of life. The more permeable a cell is to vitamins, minerals and oxygen, the better a cell will function.QRS® opens the cell to vitamins, minerals and oxygen. QRS® also helps to expel waste products, which have to come out of the cell. Thus the cell stays vital, is better equipped and promotes self-regeneration. This means: a longer, healthier and vital life is made possible by a promoted cell-regeneration

Qrs ion

QRS ® 4-Step Therapy

(1) Interference Field Shielding (2) Ion Transport (3) Resonance (4) Biofeedback

Wherever electrical lines are present in air, soil and buildings, electromagnetic pollution occurs. This disease can cause so-called energy, which in turn can result from chronic diseases.While going back for over 100 years, infectious diseases, more and more, the rise of chronic diseases (also because of energy deficits) is rapidly increasing. The healing frequencies of natural magnetic fields can not be asserted against the electromagnetic fields, the self healing process of the body is blocked.This is where the quantum-treatment system by re-supplying the body's vital energy. But even those artificially produced, magnetic healing effect only if the space above a zero-field was produced. This means that the existing electromagnetic must be eliminated. For if the therapeutic is mixed with the electromagnetic frequencies, they seem anything but healing. QRS ® has taken this on as the sole manufacturer and worldwide patented the "electro-killer" in conjunction with the quantum treatment.All magnetic therapy manufacturers generally say that they would regenerate the cells caused by their products to cure diseases and energize the cells, namely by activating cell metabolism. Cell metabolism but always limited ion transport. So be careful with such statements: Only QRS ® Worldwide ion transport has been patented in the cell body after many years of research. If someone else claimed that being able to also, this statement is either wrong or the product violates the internationally valid QRS ® patent.Only the QRS ® system can be said with complete justification of himself, the transport of hydrogen, to accomplish calcium, sodium, potassium, chlorine and magnesium ions. Thus it allows for better cell supply and freed the same cell of waste products and toxins. QRS ® provides a significant increase of oxygen in the tissues with the oxygen diffusion rate is increased by 80 to 900% and there are energy molecules (ATP) was formed. This allows the QRS ® system to transport the materials through solidified or slackened tissue structures

Qrs resonance
(Figure: magnetic fields with amplitudes e-function, the original quantum resonance field QRS ®)

To promote the cell metabolism, as well as toxins, free radicals and remove waste products from the cells, the voltage of the cell membrane must be maintained at a high level. To establish in parallel to slow the aging of cells, the energy portion of the cell are built. Only in this way leads to the formation of energy molecules (ATP). But this only works on the cell-specific amplitude window. This window enables discovery of QRS ® in the cell body Inonentransport and thus the so-called resonance phenomenon. Only then can ever be produced in a resonant ions, cell membranes and blood vessel walls.And only when this resonance occurs, ions can be transported and affect cell metabolism. But if that, as with QRS ® really works, causes the strengthening of the immune system and regeneration of the body through the formation of protein (for nerve cell memory proteins), structure or composition of the bio-electric potential of cell energy, strengthen the metabolism and activation of hormone production.Are these phenomena, the sole prerequisite for the construction of energy in the cell, the patent was granted. No man is like the others, and also the biological and electro-biological relationships change in us every day, every hour and every minute due to external influences. To support this biological feedback loop to enhance and optimize therapy should be a professional quantum system initially grasp the actual state of the user process and to then send to the optimally tuned on that body quantum signal.QRS ® is the first to track down the immediate effect in the human body and to register. For the doctor already available today, future generations of QRS ® devices for private use will provide an automatic self-adjustment function, thus ensuring optimum success for each individual application. Also, this QRS ® patent protected worldwide

QRS 101 Home System

This set consists of a control device, full body applicator (mat), pillow applicator and QRS carry bag. QRS 101 Home System is used for the gentle treatment of chronic symptoms, profylaxis, auxiliary sports medicine applications etc.Because it has a positive influence on cell metabolism and cell voltage, an accompanying effect will become perceptible in addition to the actual therapeutic goal.There are 3 programs : BASIC - Classic therapy program, VITAL - Release of higher amounts of endorphins, RELAX - relaxing effect on parasympathetic nervous system.

QRS 310 Doctor System

The doctor system has an automatically adjustable ring applicator and an intensive applicator.Furthermore, with this system, the therapist can program chip cards for the QRS 101 Home System, allowing the patient to perform targeted therapy on his own with his QRS Home System in the comfort of his own home.Conditions : Back pain, Pain Relief, Stroke, Disorder Circulation, Inflammation inhibition, Vegetativum

QRS 1010 Pelvicenter

It is a non-invasive form of pelvic floor treatment that aims to restore and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.Procedure followed is Repetitive Peripheral Magnetic Stimulation (RPMS) or Transpelvic Magnetic Stimulation (TPM).High intensity pulsed signals are used to control the muscles in the pelvic floor and the adjacent body core and thigh muscles.Potential patients include women those who have recently given birth and are determined to reduce susceptibility to urinary incontinence later in life, as well as older women with bladder weakness who refused to undergo invasive urological surgery or from whom more traditional measures are more difficult to implement.It is mainly used for patients experiencing urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction,etc

QRS Biofeedback Trainer

It is a pelvic floor training device that scans bio-actively and records the activities of the pelvic floor muscles through a special sensor integrated into the seat. Muscle movements are measured by the sensor during training and visualized on a screen

QRS 402 Glasses Applicator

It reduces wrinkles and dark rings around the eyes

QRS 403 Ear Applicator

It is used to treat Tinnitus as well as to achieve targeted improvement of arterial blood flow in the ears.

QRS 406 Wand Applicator

It is used for local and spot treatment e.g., for treatments ranging from localized pain in the joints, fingers and teeth to wound healing

QRS 502 Pillow Applicator

It is used to treat local symptomatic zones such as the shoulders, the upper back or the knee joint region

QRS MFT2 Magnetic Field Test Device

This reliably tests the strength of QRS magnetic field and displays the test result directly on an LED display accompanied by an acoustic signal


Dr. Linus Pauling

“QRS is a blessing for mankind - from the infant to the geriatric. QRS will lead to a change of paradigm in medicine.”- Dr. Linus Pauling (two time Nobel Prize winner,four time Nobel Prize nominee)

Dr. Linus Pauling

Dr. R. O. Becker

“Although, in the U.S. a number of devices do exist working with electromagnetic fields, none of them has such a profound scientific background as the QRS system.” - Dr. R. O. Becker (twice nominated for the Nobel Prize, Author of The Body Electric)


FrauenPUNKT Practice

”We treated about 30 patients using QRS, 16 of which were suffering from stress urinary incontinence. For those patients we realized a remission in 92% of the cases. This is a great success for us.” - Dr. Andrea Muller Reid (Gynaecologist, Head - FrauenPUNKT Practice, Chief Physician - Uri Cantonal Hospital, Altdorf, Switzerland )

FrauenPUNKT Practice